Partner Connectivity

Our partner connectivity services at a glance

In business with high quantities of goods, the automated ordering, handling and invoicing of processes is crucial for the efficiency and speed of order processing. In addition, the automation of standard business processes as well as a connection to one’s own ERP system contributes significantly to reducing process costs. Most partners today would like to have standardised processes and integration into smoothly functioning supply and logistics chains.

We have choosen an EDI Provider, which enable us to use a full stack of EDI processes and ensure a fast onboarding for our customers to below described EDI standard processes.

ORDERS All subsequent processes within TEKPOINT arise from the ORDERS message. ORDERS message contains all order informations like ordered articles, quantity, delivery address and invoice address.
ORDRSP The ORDRSP message is used as an order confirmation in response to the ORDERS message.
DESADV The DESADV message is used by TEKPOINT as a delivery notification. This allows TEKPOINTs partners to schedule the upcoming delivery.
INVOIC The INVOIC is the most complex EDI message within TEKPOINT. Our EDI Invoice partner receive their invoices only via electronic data interchange.

Services & Benefits

Strong vendors, strong relationships
With our extensive service portfolio, we are reliably at your company's side. Experts from a wide variety of specialist areas, service providers and innovative technology solutions guarantee smooth processes as well as an individual handling and service package for each of our partners. Tekpoint's range of services covers the entire technological life cycle.